BioShock PC Demo Released

By Steve Gibson, Aug 20, 2007 2:04pm PDT The BioShock PC demo is now available for download on FileShack. Here is your thread to anticipate things and things. Firstly, it's been made very clear that you are going to need the latest NVidia or ATI drivers for your videocard. So here are the links that you will need :

With the help of Limelight Networks we will be pushing some pretty massive bandwidth for Mercury members for the demo. Feel free to grab a download accelerator if you are a Mercury member. The Quicksilver servers support them and the BioShock demo will be available there.

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  • So I've played the demo on the PC and the 360 now, and I think I'm definitely going to get the PC version as it just seemed so much sharper and cleaner (I don't have a hi def TV with my xbox, in fact it isn't even widesreen) on my widescreen monitor

    My girlfriend thought the 360 demo looked better but I totally disagree. The main thing selling me on the PC version though are the controls - I thought the 360 controls were really damn good, but playing the PC version was so much easier for me to swap between plasmid/melee for the combo things which I struggled a bit with on the 360 version

    Also the game ran incredibly on my PC, wow