GameSpy Announces PC-to-PS3 Multiplayer, Epic Notes UT3 Support Undecided

Unreal Engine 3 developers wishing to allow cross-platform multiplayer between PC and PlayStation 3 users now have a streamlined solution to integreate the feature. Multiplayer technology provider GameSpy today announced it has joined Epic's Integrated Partners Program for UE3, making the features available to licensees.

"GameSpy is committed to working together with Epic to address a broad range of needs for the connected gamer, including multiplayer matchmaking, in-game and out-of-game messaging, persistent player communities, and competition systems," said Jamie Berger of GameSpy parent IGN Entertainment.

Following the announcement, Epic Games confirmed to Shacknews that GameSpy's announcement of cross-platform play is available to licensees of both Unreal Engine 3 and GameSpy's technology, but noted Epic has not yet decided whether it will feature cross-platform multiplayer in its own Unreal Tournament 3.