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By Steve Gibson, May 11, 2007 6:00pm PDT There are many things in this world I would holla at. I'm pretty sure funnel cake is up near the top of the list. I mean it's not really grape cotton candy or something like that but it really does deliver pretty well. This fine Friday evening I'd like you girls to reflect on your week, those pants you wore the other day, and how you can make the world a better place. Oh and read this stuff:

Lastly, supermarkets of the FUTURE!

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  • I thought I'd mention, my gun problems (Beretta 92 jam: http://www.shacknews.com/ja.zz?id=14348798) are fixed (fixed last Monday).

    Turned out I had TOO MUCH oil in it...and since oil tends to attract grime...it ended up getting gritted up (I'd fired quite a few rounds in that one session when it jammed up...he said that oil tends to suck up carbon...that the rounds end up getting some of that combination on the cases and you end up with a sand-papery chamber/feeding ramp or something). The gunsmith said he didn't like oil in general as a lubricant...and he told me that I should use dry graphite instead (its what he used when he cleaned the gun). He polished up the chamber real good and said (and I may be fucking up my terminology here...I always sucked at using the right terms) to clean the barrel/bore/chamber with kroil...clean it out...and for all moving parts to spray the dry graphite on them. He said if it gets really dirty to use lacquer thinner to get a lot of the carbon out...and that the excess graphite on outer parts of the gun where I don't want it could be removed easily with a q-tip with lacqer thinner on it (or I could just clean it off...but he seemed to be really keen on lacquer thinner).

    I have to say the graphite is really nice...it actually made the double action trigger a little smoother towards the end (where it would normally kinda give more resistance and require a little extra squeeze before)...and everything seems to work nicely (I've put around 300-400 rounds through it thus far with no problems...not so much as a misfeed or any damned thing). On a side note he said he doesn't like the newer Kimbers...he said he doesn't feel they're safe because they've changed them to feed hollowpoints more easily...but he said that the chamber ends too early or something...and that he's seen casings pop and people end up with bloody hands a couple of times or something.