On Halo 2's Dedicated Server

By Maarten Goldstein, May 05, 2007 10:02am PDT

A new Halo 2 Vista blog is available at IGN. This installment deals with the dedicated server included with the game.

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  • This is hilarious. Do I have this right?

    - If you want to host a game online (non-dedicated), you have to pay a monthly fee for Xbox Live Gold. For your PC.
    - If you want to host a dedicated server, you need a CD-KEY. I wonder if you can then join your own server while the key is in use?
    - Probably zero chance of a linux dedicated server since it's a Microsoft product.
    - You need Vista to play, and a pretty ballsy machine.

    All this hassle for a 3 year old mediocre (as far as PC FPS games go) multiplayer experience? I really can't see this doing very well at all. Especially when it will be going up against Quake Wars, Crysis, UT2007 and whatever else is coming out.