Evening Reading

Sure got a lot of messages about that MS 4000 keyboard. It's apparently sold out at Newegg already so I guess a few other people are digging on it as well. I'm actually using the the reverse tilt on the thing now and have gotten used to it. At first I took it off and was about to throw the thing away when I thought hrm.... maybe I should type in a healthier position? Luckily over all these years I havent had any wrist issues but no use playing with fire. Just like Remo's policy for all those hookers and his dental dam.

- Once again, the death of the PC
- There's a naked dude in your ceiling
- Check out Serenity -  first 9 minutes
- The Swedes know when everyone in California is gonna die

Lastly, the SAG doesnt like reality TV :(

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