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By Steve Gibson, Jul 22, 2004 5:30pm PDT Pretty darn good time in gaming going on right now. I dont really know what to make of that Gabe Newell quote but they must be reasonable confident that Half-Life 2 is nearing completion to say something like that. Lets hope that translates to a game shipping!

- Too young for tech?
- The media has discovered something we've known for a while, Dutch be freaky
- The semiconductor surge
- Gadgets getting cheaper
- Plasma prices dropping

Lastly, TiVo vs Hollywood and the NFL. Good luck with that!

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  • next week, I'm coming to the states with my parents and I'm gonna spend a lot of money on games.. (I know how to play import games)
    I read about the pricematching here on shacknews. (and that you just can edit
    a html page and print it like that).
    I have a few questions about this:
    -does this work? if so, in which shops, and how much can you cheat (like from 20$ tot 10$?, and how much games in the same shop?)
    -do they have internet on their computers in the shops?
    if so: which shops, and do they check it
    if not: do they check it/not believe you
    -would it be possible to make this deal: http://www.redoctane.com/ps2igpadkonamix.html to the same deal with 2 dancepads (in ebgames)
    -is it still possible to find some of those circuitcity action games? if not, do they still have those games (for an other price ofc)

    thanks a lot, any tips are welcome

  • [srepost from other article]s

    I emailed Sluggo from gamespy about the best buy selling doom at midnight in dallas, LA, NY and other places and asked him if he could give me some more info, and this is what he said:

    I wrote:

    You mentioned in your article that 6 select markets- LA, NY, Chicago, Dallas (and some others) were going to have the privilage of having best buys in those areas release doom 3 at midnight; I was wondering if you could specifically tell me which specific stores were running this promotion (Dallas in particular), or if you could contact someone from activision to get more details? I want to be one of those people standing in line!

    Sluggo replied:
    To be honest, Activision and id didn't really seem all that sure which stores would be participating -- upon further investigation, the quote in the interview was the best they could confirm for me. My guess would be that more than a few stores will decide to open at midnight -- they just haven't advertised it yet. My suggestion would be to call or visit the stores in your area and ask them point-blank "Will you be open at midnight on Monday night for the launch of DOOM 3?" If they get enough requests, it might convince then to do; if they seem totally clueless, they probably won't. :)
    - Sluggo