Shacknews Guys Die Quietly: Shack Plays Summer Games Done Quick 2018 Super Mario Maker Levels

Over the weekend, Summer Games Done Quick 2018 held a 3v3 Super Mario Maker Blind Level Race, pitting teams of three of the best Super Mario Maker speedrunners and streamers against one another. The stages ranged from tough to mind-numbingly difficult.

For today, Shacknews decided to try some of these levels out for ourselves. Specifically, I, Senior Editor Ozzie Mejia, opted to try a handful of these levels.

So welcome, everyone, to SGDQ (Shacknews Guys Die Quietly) and watch as we try to complete [SGDQ] Against All Odds, TeenageMutantNinja[SGDQ]uirtle, and [SGDQ] Six Guys Dash Quickly.

Be sure to check out all of the Course IDs for the Super Mario Maker levels from Summer Games Done Quick 2018. And be sure to subscribe to Shacknews and GamerHub.tv on YouTube.

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