PAX East 2018: Shawn Allen Game Devs Of Color Exclusive Interview

Shawn Allen has been in the games industry for quite a while now. In that time he's gone from working on some of Rockstar Games' most popular titles to an unsuccessful attempt at making his own indie game through Kickstarter. Now and days Shawn is not only working on turning the lessons he learned from his Kickstarter into a successful launch for his own game Treachery In Beatdown City, but he's also helping other people of color within the gaming community connect and realize their own potential through his work with the Game Devs of Color Expo.

Shacknews editor Charles Singletary sat down with Shawn during PAX East 2018 to chat about his history in the gaming industry and where he's headed now. Shawn offers up advice and anecdotes on how to navigate the industry and also talks about how the Game Devs of Color Expo helps indie artists from all sorts of creative backgrounds find each other and collaborate on video game projects. 

For those interested in learning more about the Game Devs of Color Expo, which will be held July 14 in New York City, be sure to head to their website for details. Shawn is also looking to launch Treachery in Beatdown City this year over the summer on PC, but there's no firm release date just yet. 

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