PAX East 2018: Mike Gnade Talks Game Design, Maximum Apocalypse

Often lost in the shuffle of the busy PAX floor, board games may lack the glitz, glamour, and marketing budgets of the video games being exhibited, but can be more fun, especially with a liquored up group of friends. One of the board game highlights of PAX East 2018 is Maximum Apocalypse, the roguelike adventure from the mind of Mike Gnade. Shacknews newsdesk editor Charles Singletary and human drive-thru speaker Greg Burke sit down with Gnade to get the scoop on Maximum Apocalypse.

Gnade explains how wandering the halls of PAX led to his journey towards creating board games and flip-flopping from game’s journalist to game creator. Also discussed is the insanely successful Kickstarter campaign for Maximum Apocalypse and the thought process behind designing a complex board game.

Just when you think the interview couldn’t get any better, you’ll get to see Greg Burke continue to blur the lines between game journalism and game development as he tries to bribe Gnade into giving up a prototype copy of a Few and Cursed-branded board game set for release next year.

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