PAX East 2018: Exclusive PUBG Interview with PlayerUnknown

In case you weren’t aware, Shacknews gets you the scoops. On the busy PAX East 2018 show floor, our street team managed to get an exclusive interview with PUBG creator Brendan Greene, aka PlayerUnknown. Shacknews’ top-boy Asif Khan sat down with Greene to talk about everything PUBG.

During the interview, Greene reflects on PUBG celebrating its first birthday, plans the development team have for the game, and applying the battle royale template to other genres. Because it wouldn’t be a Shacknews interview without a little fun sprinkled in, Greene is asked how his life has been changed now that he has “rap video money”.

PUBG recently launched a new, smaller map onto its community test servers. If this interview has you wanting more chat with PlayerUnknown, be sure to catch our previous interview from TGS, where the PUBG frontman goes in-depth about anything and everything.

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