Dota 2 Spring Cleaning Update Addresses Abuse

Valve has taken out its brooms and is looking to do some Spring Cleaning for the next Dota 2 update. The Friday patch is a fairly significant one for the Dota 2 fanbase, with many of the changes aimed at quality-of-life improvement.

However, the most significant change looks to be aimed at curbing toxic behavior. According to the update, six-month matchmaking bans will be doled out to players that show "an extreme frequency of negative behavior." Examples listed include feeding, abandoning, and general player abuse. Dota 2 has long been criticized for portions of its player base acting in an intensely negative manner, which has led to an intimidating atmosphere for newcomers. (Not everyone gets to learn from SirActionSlacks.)

Other changes are quality-of-life additions that make the overall Dota 2 experience more pleasant. This includes redesigned player profiles, changelog notifications for individual Heroes, a new Last Hit Trainer, and language-based matchmaking.

While there are a handful of changes to items and Heroes, the vast majority of the Spring Cleaning update seems to be about cleaning up some lingering issues with Valve's MOBA. Even if it doesn't bring in a slew of new players, at least the game should prove more convenient for its existing base.

Check out the full list of changes on the Dota 2 Spring Cleaning website.

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