Pokemon Crystal Rounds Out Gen 2 Pokemon Games for 3DS

It's been a big year for Pokemon games, both new and classic. But for anyone that has yet to pick up the classic Pokemon Gold and Silver, it might be a good idea to hold off for another month.

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company announced on Thursday morning that Pokemon Crystal would make its way to the 3DS Virtual Console. This third selection in Pokemon's second generation of games also has players exploring the Johto region. But in addition to a storyline that sees trainers hunting down the legendary Suicine, the game also features the first instance of the Battle Tower and a chance to catch both Lugia and Ho-Oh. Mythical Pokemon Celebi will also be lurking around somewhere and is one Pokemon that isn't available in either Gold or Silver.

Pokemon Crystal will arrive on January 26, with Poke Transporter and Pokemon Bank compatibility set to be added soon after. That means any Pokemon caught there can be sent over to copies of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

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