Injustice 2 Sizes Up The Atom For Next Week

It wasn't too long ago that Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios revealed Injustice 2's third and final Fighter Pack. Now it's time to start rolling those characters out, starting with The Atom.

Remember that The Atom was first teased back in October. This newer trailer shows more of Dr. Ryan Choi's arsenal, in which he can change his size at will for numerous special moves. He'll mainly go small to attack his opponent, but also to evade opponents' maneuvers. He'll also manipulate opponents themselves, freezing them in place before moving in for a big hit. Atom's Super Move sees him go super small to toss his opponent around, before going massive for a finishing blow.

Check out all of Dr. Choi's moves in the trailer below. The Atom will be available on December 12 for anyone that picked up Fighter Pack #3 or the Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition.

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