Splatoon 2 Prepares Black Friday Update

Retailers across the nation are gearing up for Black Friday. Splatoon 2 is also getting ready for the shopping rush, but not exactly in the way people are expecting. No, for Black Friday, Splatoon 2 is opening the door to one of its biggest stores... for combat!

The first of four new Splatoon 2 stages is set to debut this Friday and it takes Inklings into MakoMart, an Inkling supermarket where players will have to navigate store aisles, warehouse areas, and rafters. Three more stages will release in the weeks afterwards, with Shellendorf Institute being a new addition to the series and Walleye Warehouse and Arowana Mall returning from the first Splatoon.

Salmon Run players can also take on a new stage along the shores, called Salmonid Smokeyard. This is a beachfront stage containing elevated platforms and fan lifts that can launch Inklings across the stage quickly.

Other things to look out for include an increased level cap (up to 99, from 50), new amiibo functionality, and customization options.

This sets the stage for a second update, set to deploy in mid-December. This adds Clam Blitz to the game mode rotation, requiring players to pick up clams scattered around the stage. The idea is to take the clams to a basket located near the opponent's base, but some of the clams have to be used to knock down the basket's protective barrier first.

More information on what's coming can be found on the Splatoon website. Also, check out the video below.

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