Final Fantasy 15 Fights With Its 'Comrades' Today

From the very beginning, Final Fantasy XV came across as something of a buddy adventure. Remember those first trailers of everyone just cruising along the coast in their keen convertible? But of course, like every Final Fantasy game, this was a single-player RPG. At least it was until Wednesday.

Wednesday saw the release of Final Fantasy XV's 'Comrades' expansion, which officially adds online multiplayer to a main FF entry for the first time. The idea is to create an online avatar and join with three friends for various missions to help bring the Light back to Lucis. This will help fill in some key story gaps in the FFXV narrative, telling the stories of the Kinsglaive that took place over the course of the game's main story.

Those who own the Final Fantasy XV Season Pass already have Comrades available to them. Everyone else can pick it up for $19.99 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. For more on the Comrades expansion, visit the Final Fantasy XV website and check out the video below.

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