Halo 5 Works 'Overtime' with November Update Today

The folks at 343 Industries discussed the latest Halo 5: Guardians update a few weeks ago, pointing to several enhancements the game is set to receive. That update, now titled 'Overtime,' is ready to download now, so that players will be ready for the Xbox One X's arrival.

The biggest features in the 'Overtime' update include the boost to 4K Ultra HD resolution, allowing Xbox One X users to get the most visually out of 343's shooter. The update also features the addition of Local Server, which allows players to host local servers via Windows 10 PCs. The Local Server update can be used across the board, from college players looking to set up local LAN games all the way to the Halo Championship Series, where Local Server will be used in all tournaments going forward.

Oddball also becomes a permanent fixture to Halo 5 multiplayer with this update. Look for new medals, announcer voice-overs, and custom game options. Oddball can be played on the Truth, Plaza, Eden, Empire, Mercy, and Overgrowth maps.

Other changes include some tweaks to some of Halo 5's weapons and some new weapon skins based on some of the Halo Championship Series' best esports teams. For more information on the 'Overtime' update, visit Halo Waypoint. Or for a recap on everything set to come to Halo, including future updates on the Halo: Master Chief Collection and Halo Wars 2, let's watch the video below.

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