Can You Guess How Many SNES Classic Minis Sold In A Month?

Nostalgia has become such a cash cow for Nintendo that even the 3DS is getting a SNES Classic Edition. Thankfully, the SNES Classic mini itself isn't having any problems moving units with two million sold in a month. 

A bit before launch, many feared that the SNES would suffer the same frustrating supply issues as the NES and drive people to pay hiked up prices to resellers. Nintendo released a statement attempting to calm the masses, guaranteeing that supply would be much better this time around. So far, it looks like they're taking care of business and making any who want a SNES Classic gets one.

Eurogamer reports that the console has sold two million units worldwide with nearly 370k being sold in just half a week in Japan. The retro console comes with 21 games including the unreleased Star Fox 2, but we at Shacknews were hoping for a few others. Nevertheless, it's a lovely addition to homes and comes as a bit of good news on top of the disappointing performance of Super Mario Run. Even with that little speedbump in Nintendo's plan, the company is doing very well on the back of the Nintendo Switch and recently released Super Mario Odyssey.

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