Bungie Responds to Reports of Destiny 2 PC User Bans

With Destiny 2 coming out on PC earlier this week, Bungie has been hard at work keeping the community free of cheaters and rule-breakers. Having said that, Bungie has responded to a report that streaming overlays were leading to bans, reassuring third-party app users that they would be safe.

The Bungie blog post states that 400 users were banned, with all bans related to players attempting to game Destiny 2's ecosystem. The post also went on to state that Discord, XSplit, OBS, and other third-party app and overlay usage would not result in any kind of ban. Furthermore, the Destiny 2 team noted that users could not automatically be banned, but only be banned after a manual investigation from human developers.

This response comes in the wake of reports (via Polygon) that Discord, Fraps, and other voice chat app usage was resulting in user bans. The plot thickened once Nvidia GeForce Experience users noted that they were able to use their screen overlays without issue. Full information on which third-party apps are and are not compatible with Destiny 2's PC version can be found on the Bungie website.

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