Twitch and Extra Life Partner to Raise Cancer Awareness

Twitch and Extra Life, a charity known for raising money so ailing children can have access to board games and video games that help them endure their ordeals, have partnered for a special event that coincides with Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Over the course of the event, you can enjoy Twitch in the manner you usually would, but any funds you pledge can support cancer awareness.

Cheer for Kids is a charity drive taking place right now and running through September 19, 2017. Twitch has promised to donate up to $200,000 to Extra Life, provided users offer Cheers accompanied by the #charity hashtag. The way it works is that Twitch will donate $2 to Extra Life for every 1,000 bits used in Cheers, up to a total of 100,000,000 bits.

“Every time you Cheer, just add the hashtag #charity to your Cheer message, and the Bits you Cheer will count toward the fundraising goal,” Twitch explained in a blog post. “The donation will come from Twitch and does not affect the support the streamer receives from your Cheers.”

In the accompanying Q&A, Twitch notes that “Cheermotes” also count toward that total, provided they are accompanied by the required #charity hashtag. You can pitch in even with smaller donations, so don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of bits to spare.

Twitch has become a popular way to raise money for charity. Earlier this year, the company revealed it has raised more than $75 million for charity, and that doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon.

Make sure to keep the promotion in mind if you cheer any of your favorite streamers between now and the end of the event. And if you need ideas about which streamers you might enjoy watching, check out recent recommendations from Shacknews staff and the community.

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