Psyonix 'Definitely Not Making a Rocket League 2'

Shacknews caught up with Rocket League's Creative Director, Corey Davis, in a recent interview at PAX West 2017. We discussed a ton of the latest features in the new Autumn Update and talked about the studio's roadmap going forward for Rocket League. At the end of the interview we asked Corey if at some point we are going to see a Rocket League 2. 

“We’re definitely not working on a Rocket League 2. We see the game as a platform just like you would see other popular multiplayer games. We don’t want to split the community by releasing a sequel and having half the people go over and half the people stay on the old game so our intent is just to keep updating Rocket League and keep making it better and better over time."

It is clear that Rocket League is here to stay, and that is great news for all of the players across the world and gaming platforms. Check out the interview for more information about the massive Rocket League Autumn Update. Including details on cross-platform parties, new in-game tournament modes and Nintendo Switch.

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