Overwatch Goes Behind the Scenes with Junkertown Design Video

Overwatch is days away from getting its next map, so Blizzard is taking some time to go behind-the-scenes with the upcoming Junkertown.

Junkertown is an new payload map, but one that appaers to have a few differences from its contemporaries, according to lead writer Michael Chu. The game will start along the outskirts of Roadhog's farm, in a scene that looks like it was pulled out of a "Mad Max" movie. As teams escort the payload, they'll move into the seedy heart of Junkertown, which includes a lot of dingy shop areas and a bar housed inside a sewer pipe. The last part of the map takes place in the Scrapyard, where teams do battle around a massive rotating turbine.

Blizzard's developers go into the inspiration for the Junkertown design, how it fits into Junkrat and Roadhog's lore, and how the team went about coming up with some of its design ideas. Check out the full video below. Junkertown comes to Overwatch on September 19 on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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