iam8bit Offers Limited Edition Reproduction of Street Fighter II for $100

Iam8bit today made a surprise email announcement revealing it has worked with Capcom to produce a faithful reproduction of one of that company’s most beloved games, Street Fighter II. For $100, you can preorder the limited edition cartridge right now, though it isn’t expected to ship until November.

The cartridge is NTSC-compatible and will be produced in a quantity of 5,500, which is divided between 4500 red cartridges (modeled after the headband worn by the franchise’s cover boy, Ryu) and 1000 green cartridges that glow in the dark. The latter are intended to resemble the green skin of Blanka, a fighter who uses electric shocks to harm his opponents.

“We cannot guarantee which version you will receive,” iam8bit notes on the Street Fighter II product listing page. “It truly is completely random.”

The red cartridge closely mimics the design of the original Super Nintendo cartridges that were available in July of 1992, when Capcom produced its home conversion of its arcade original (which was so popular, it was eventually inducted into the video game hall of fame). By the time new Super Nintendo games stopped arriving in stores, their appearance had changed slightly, more in keeping with the shape of the edition modeled after Blanka.

Though it may be exciting to imagine playing your new cartridge on your SNES console, iam8bit did spare a moment to provide a strongly worded warning: “Use of this reproduction cartridge (the ‘Product’) on the SNES gaming hardware may cause the SNES console to overheat or catch fire. The SNES hardware is deemed a vintage collectible, so please exercise extreme caution when using the Product and make sure there is fire extinguishment equipment nearby.”

The cartridge comes in a special box featuring iconic artwork from the original game’s release, along with an instruction manual and secret pack-ins that you won’t know about until you receive the game in the mail and break the seal.

The Street Fighter II reproduction is unaffiliated with Nintendo itself, but that won’t likely matter to collectors. Previous iam8bit releases have sold out following their introduction, so if this latest product is something you want, you might want to preorder it sooner rather than later.

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