PUBG's Upcoming Desert Map Will Be 8x8km

Bluehole and PlayerUnknown himself have been teasing a new map for their battle royale shooter PlayerUnknown’s Battleground and, despite it having a great deal more verticality than the original island map, it’s now confirmed the desert map will share the same square footage as the original.

PUBG currently features an 8x8km map with a playable land area that is slightly less than that due to the surrounding ocean. In an interview with Brendan Greene aka PlayerUnknown, Eurogamer confirmed that the desert map will be 8x8km in size.

We don’t have a full picture of the map just yet, but it looks like there’s going to be a lot more space for firefights in this new upcoming map. With the assumed lack of a body of water on the borders, the additional square feet and taller buildings shown in the work-in-progress images open up more places where the game can force players into a space for the last stand.

Original Island Map

There’s no telling when the hype for PUBG will taper off, as it just secured the top spot on Steam’s chart for current players. If Bluehole Studio and Greene can get this map out sooner rather than later along with the vaulting update for more fluid movement, that hype could see another massive surge.

Are you excited for the new map? Make sure you check out our PUBG graphics guide so your FPS is in tip top shape and you stay in reach of that glorious chicken dinner.

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