HTC Vive Announces Standalone VR HMD

Leading VR platforms such as the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive successfully bring virtual worlds to gamers who can afford a big investment up front (and room to use them), but the hardware’s substantial cost has prevented the wider adoption necessary to ensure VR develops into more than a passing fad. HTC might finally have a solution to that issue, in the form of a new head-mounted display.

Announced at the China Joy gaming and digital entertainment event, HTC’s new headset is a standalone device currently planned for release exclusively in China. There’s no word on price and launch date just yet, but the company has started talking and that likely means more information will follow soon.

According to a TechCrunch report, the new headset will utilize Snapdragon VR tracking tech and will rely on the Viveport content platform to deliver content to audiences. HTC is currently also at work on a separate headset that will release in North America, in partnership with Google, and it is suspected the two sets will be cosmetically identical.

The current cost for an Oculus Rift is $399 USD, plus whatever you spend on the computer necessary to run it. The HTC Vive hardware bundle retails for $799.99 USD. If you’ve been holding off on taking the VR plunge due to the cost of entry, there’s ample reason to watch HTC’s efforts to produce an affordable standalone headset, in China and elsewhere.

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