Rocket League Won't Lose Performance When Docked On Nintendo Switch

Much to the delight of Rocket League and Nintendo Switch fans, it was revealed at E3 2017 that the two will be joining forces sometime before the holidays. Even better news is that the fast paced game won't suffer any performance dropoff when players choose to play the game docked or on the go.

Developer Psyonix revealed in an interview with GameSpot that the game will run at a standard 60 FPS and 720p whether the Switch is docked or not. That will apply whether it is played in handheld two-player split-screen or four-player split-screen on a TV. Psyonix VP Jeremy Dunham said some tweaks will be made to the graphics to maintain the performance.

The game is also offering cross-platform play between Switch, PC and Xbox One players, and Switch, PC and PS4 players. Sony is not allowing cross-platform play between Xbox and PS4 players.

The game was very popular before the Switch announcement, and Psyonix appears to have scored again with the move to handheld. 

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