X-Com Series Videos

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Slingshot pack trailer

XCOM: Enemy Unknown expands its war on the alien invasion with the brand new Slingshot pack.

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Our Last Hope launch trailer

XCOM: Enemy Unknown launches as hordes of invading aliens attempt to take over Earth.

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown PAX Prime 2012 PC interface trailer

Check out the PC interface coming to XCOM: Enemy Unknown in a newly released gameplay walkthrough trailer.

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Casualties of War trailer

As the commander of XCOM, the lives of the world's best operatives are in your hands. Soldiers will fall, but it's up to you to recruit, train, and advance their skills and capabilities to counter the alien attack and minimize your casualties of war.

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XCOM: Enemy Unkown Last Stand short trailer

Aliens invade the Earth, and it's up to a secret government project to halt their slimy hides in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

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XCOM 'What is XCOM developer diary #1' Trailer

What is XCOM? Land your UFO and take a tour of the game with 2K Games developers to find out just if tiny green men make an appearance in XCOM.