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Deus Ex 'The Missing Link' DLC interview with Antoine Thisdale

Deus Ex 'The Missing Link' DLC interview with Antoine Thisdale

As mentioned in our preview that launched earlier today, developer Eidos Montreal is putting the finishing touches on the upcoming Deus Ex: Human Revolution downloadable content 'The Missing Link.' Scheduled to launch sometime in October, the DLC will take place during a three-day span missing from the life of protagonist Adam Jensen during the main campaign of the game.

Edios Montreal game designer Antoine Thisdale visited the Shacknews office to discuss some of the changes made for 'The Missing Link,' the corporate culture at the Montreal studio, and more.

Watch: Video interview with Deus Ex designer Antoine Thisdale »

"Thanks for the video interview. DXHR is one of the big surprises for me this year, along with ..."
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Firefall team hires Morgan Romine for eSports focus

Firefall team hires Morgan Romine for eSports focus

Developer Red 5 Studios hopes to make the upcoming free-to-play shooter Firefall ready for the tournament scene. To do so, the company has hired Morgan "Rhoulette" Romine, founder of the Frag Dolls, Ubisoft's all-female professional gaming team. Romine visited the Shacknews offices to discuss her new role and what it means for players of Firefall.

"We have a lot of guys on the team who are former pro gamers," Romine told me in an interview last week. Her official title at Red 5 Studios is eSports Maven. She's extremely animated during our conversation, but it isn't nerves going from a team dedicated to game promotion to a new management role focused on an important element to the most dedicated game players, she's excited. "Everybody on the team takes competitive gaming really seriously," she admits.

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Firefall interview with Red 5 boss Mark Kern

Firefall interview with Red 5 boss Mark Kern

"There's a big request for mustaches. We're going to hire a physics programmer just dedicated for mustaches, I think," Red 5 Studios founder and CEO Mark Kern joked during an interview last week at the Shacknews office.

It's impossible to ignore the explosion of attention Red 5 Studios' upcoming free-to-play shooter Firefall has received throughout the Shacknews community. After publishing our recent preview, Kern urged the Firefall forum community to jump into Chatty to discuss the game. In a few short days over 1,000 comments were made on the story.

A few days later, Kern was in the Shacknews office, sitting in front of a video camera under bright lights. In the ensuing interview, Kern detailed Firefall's story, outlined the game's business model, and more.

Watch: Video interview with Red 5 boss Mark Kern »

"Pretty cool! Elaborate too. Will think about it for next year."
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Gears of War 3 interview with Cliff Bleszinski

Gears of War 3 interview with Cliff Bleszinski

"It's bittersweet," Cliff Bleszinski tells me when I ask him about the current trilogy in the Gears of War series coming to an end. The game designer has been at the helm of the franchise since its inception in 2006.

Last week, Microsoft held a Gears of War 3 review event in San Francisco where journalists were invited to play the game's multiple multiplayer modes online with and against each other. During this event, I spoke with Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski about the last game in the current trilogy.

Jump in to read snippets from the interview and watch a longer cut of the interview, edited over fresh footage captured during my time playing the game for review.

Watch & Read: Cliff Bleszinski interview »

"I like Gears and Gears 3 is the best of the trio. Also, Bulletstorm was fun and Epic didn't make ..."
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Modern Warfare 3 interview with Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling

Modern Warfare 3 interview with Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling

At Call of Duty XP this past weekend, Shacknews discussed some of the changes and reaction--both positive and negative--to the latest entry in the best-selling Call of Duty series with Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling.

Bowling talked about what it was like working with Sledgehammer Games, brought in to assist in the game's development. He also talked up Elite, Call of Duty's premium subscription service. Finally, he called MW3 a "payoff," whilst avoiding calling it an end to a Modern Warfare "trilogy," of sorts.

Watch: Robert Bowling video interview »

"I'm not a COD hater but honestly this game looks EXACTLY like the previous two MWs, seriously ..."
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Interview: Diablo 3 designer Leonard Boyarsky

Interview: Diablo 3 designer Leonard Boyarsky

After spending time playing Diablo 3 and uncovering a few of its darkest secrets, Shacknews boss Garnett Lee spoke with Leonard Boyarsky, senior world designer on the project.

In a video interview, Boyarsky explains his hopes for the project, thoughts on the world, and differences between Diablo 3 and other games in the franchise. While listening to Boyarsky speak, you can watch ten minutes of gameplay footage of the upcoming game. For more Diablo 3, read our hands-on preview from yesterday.

WATCH: Diablo 3 video interview with gameplay footage »

"10 minutes of gameplay video in a video that is 7:27 long? GO COMPRESSION!"
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