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Theatrhythm covers Final Fantasy I through XIII

Theatrhythm covers Final Fantasy I through XIII

Square Enix's newest addition to the Final Fantasy franchise has been getting a lot of attention placed on its bizarre name. (And with a name like Theatrhythm, it certainly deserves the scrutiny!) Today, Square Enix is hoping you'll pay attention to what ultimately matters: the gameplay. Andriasang reports that the game is not unlike the PSP fighting game Dissidia, as it features characters and scenarios from all thirteen numbered Final Fantasy games. Each game will have its own stage, presumably letting you play relevant music. Clash on the Big Bridge (Final Fantasy V), One Winged Angel (Final Fantasy VII), At Zanarkand (Final Fantasy X), and The Sunleth Waterscape (Final Fantasy XIII) are just some of the tracks to be included in the upcoming 3DS game.

The similarities to Dissidia extend beyond the concept of the game. In fact, it ties into the mythos of that universe. According to Siliconera, there is a space between the two gods of Dissidia, Chaos and Cosmos, called "rhythm, which "fuels a crystal that spreads music throughout the world." Obviously, you'll have to entrust the various Final Fantasy heroes in order to restore that crystal. Read more »

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Final Fantasy 3DS rhythm game "Theatrhythm" announced

Final Fantasy 3DS rhythm game "Theatrhythm" announced

Square Enix is offering its own spin on the rhythm genre, by merging it with Final Fantasy properties. Shonen Jump (via Siliconera) reports that Theatrhythm Final Fantasy lets you explore dungeons and towns and fight monsters, but you'll be doing all that by tapping the stylus to the beat. The game is coming to the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, but no release information for the US has been revealed.

As a Final Fantasy spin-off, it looks to bank on the series' long history. A screenshot has already shown off Cloud, Lightning, an Onion Knight, and the Warrior of Light. This is similar to the Dissidia fighting series, which has also sold characters as downloadable content. Read more »

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