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Free Tales of Monkey Island WiiWare episodes after survey

Free Tales of Monkey Island WiiWare episodes after survey

Want to play the very end of the Tales of Monkey Island series? Want to play it for free? Telltale Games is offering episodes 4 and 5 of the WiiWare adventure game for free if you take a very brief survey.

In order to participate in the survey, you'll need to have your Wii Friend Code available, and add Telltale as a friend to receive the downloads as a gift. So, make sure you turn on your Wii, or you won't be able to complete the survey. Afterwards, it should take "just 5 to 10 minutes of your time" to complete the survey. Do note that it will take "up to one week for delivery" and that this offer is only for players in North America. Read more »

"This would have been neat if it was the first 2 episodes, or the whole thing... ah well =/"
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Club Nintendo Reveals New Rewards for Members

Nintendo's "Club Nintendo" reward program has unveiled a handful of new exclusive items that its members can redeem by using the "coins" they earn from registering their Nintendo products and participating in various surveys.

The first type of new reward consists of two sets of twelve greeting cards, each including three different designs of characters from the Super Mario Bros. and Nintendogs series. Each set of greeting cards can be obtained for 300 Coins each. Read more »

"Fuck yeah, I want a princess Toadstool Folder, haha, I like how they give out shit, here, take ..."
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Developers Address Wii Development Hurdles

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Industry magazine Develop recently surveyed a number of game developers for their thoughts about making games for the Nintendo Wii. Developers were asked if they have been able to take advantage of the Wii's potential given its global leadership in the home console environment. Their responses, while not entirely surprising, clearly illustrate some common concerns.

One of the chief issues cited by those surveyed was that when a 3rd-party introduces a new IP on the Wii, they do so from a commercially tenuous proposition. According to an anonymous studio head of a "leading international developer," the ease of Wii development compared to other consoles is partly at fault in that "it has become too easy to flood the market with under-developed product(s) which have the potential to confuse and disappoint the public." Ed Daly, General Manager of Zoe Mode, further supported the view that oversaturation makes bigger developers wary stating that, "fear that over-supply and fatigue from the mainstream Wii adopters is holding back some publishers and suppressing dev budgets." Read more »

"It takes longer to prototype new gameplay concepts on the wii because they are often new and ..."
- sphinx    See all 32 comments

Survey: Over Half of American Adults Are Gamers, Older Gamers Favor PCs Over Consoles

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The older a gamer, the more likely they are to spend their game time on a PC, claims a new survey by nonprofit "fact tank" Pew Research.

In this instance, a gamer is defined as one that uses some type of computer, game console, mobile or portable device for game play.

53% of American adults, aged 18 or older, were found to be gamers under that definition, while 97% of teenage participants fell under the gamer label. Read more »

"Funny, my experience does not go back quite that far, but you pretty much summed up my feelings, ..."
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