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Borderlands 2 and Pre-Sequel support SteamOS

By Steven Wong, Sep 30, 2014 12:15pm PDT

Both Borderlands 2 and the upcoming Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel now support SteamOS.


"Cool, I didn't think it would have SteamOS support out of the gate. I saw Borderlands 2 come up ..."

- melkore see all 2 comments

Killing Floor 2 video reveals five new zed monstrosities

By Ozzie Mejia, Jun 25, 2014 1:19pm PDT

A new video for Killing Floor 2 has revealed five new zeds that promise to haunt your nightmares.


"Senile, am I? Bony arms, are they? Buck-toothed, is it? Liver spots, did they? Chinless, will ..."

- AxeMan808 see all 10 comments

PSA: Civilization 5 on SteamOS (and on sale)

By Steve Watts, Jun 11, 2014 8:48am PDT

Civilization 5 is now available on SteamOS and Linux, and it's on sale for a hefty discount for a limited time as well.


Steam in-home streaming open to all PC users

By Ozzie Mejia, May 21, 2014 2:30pm PDT

Steam's in-home streaming feature has exited beta and is now available to all users. This allows users to remotely install, launch, and play games between two Steam-connected computers on the same home wireless network.


"Oh there's some lag, but it varies from game to game. The two PC's I use are connected to a ..."

- Halen see all 48 comments

Killing Floor 2 announced, and it's a gory mess

By Steven Wong, May 09, 2014 6:00pm PDT

Time to take on a new generation of Zeds, because Tripwire Interactive has announced Killing Floor 2 for PC and SteamOS.


"Loved this game, but it became truly enjoyable when I reached level 5 with some of the classes."

- JPMcWhiskers see all 9 comments

Steam Music announced, beta starting soon

By Steve Watts, Feb 03, 2014 11:30am PST

Steam will be getting a new Music feature soon, in beta testing on both the Big Picture and SteamOS interfaces.


"Seems bizarre at first but I reckon they picked up on the fact that people like to listen to ..."

- enyakk see all 53 comments

SteamOS installer adds dual-boot support

By Steve Watts, Jan 23, 2014 10:00am PST

The latest beta version of SteamOS allows you to dual-boot your system, letting you try out the gaming-dedicated OS without reserving an entire box for it.


Steam in-home streaming enters beta

By Andrew Yoon, Jan 16, 2014 2:45pm PST

One of the fancy features promised by SteamOS is the ability to stream Windows games over your home wireless network. And it's entered beta.


"I was actually wondering how much power you need. Maybe Raspberry Pi could do it. "

- K1Bond007 see all 8 comments

Valve: Steam Greenlight will eventually 'go away'

By Ozzie Mejia, Jan 15, 2014 12:35pm PST

Valve is holding its Steam Dev Days conference and is hinting at an imminent demise for Steam Greenlight.


"Hey Man, you know your totally right this is how the internet and tech works one goes down ..."

- valcan_s see all 21 comments

Steam Machine video shows off SteamOS

By Andrew Yoon, Dec 16, 2013 12:30pm PST

If you were one of the lucky 300, you received a Steam Machine from Valve for beta testing purposes. Corey Nelson happened to be one of the chosen ones, and he's sharing his experiences on YouTube.


"Who says I give a shit? As long as there are fps on pcs I won't care what other people play on. ..."

- jtthe2nd see all 19 comments

SteamOS now available for download

By Andrew Yoon, Dec 13, 2013 3:30pm PST

Are you ready to test Valve's new Linux-based operating system?


"Crap, the Sager I was going to try this on has the same video card. Guess I'll wait on that ..."

- yukichigai see all 60 comments

SteamOS download available on December 13

By Andrew Yoon, Dec 11, 2013 3:45pm PST

When was the last time you got excited about an operating system? SteamOS, Valve's Linux-based experiment, will be available to download this Friday.


"I think the expectation (one which is not that widely held) comes from Steam being primarily a ..."

- yukichigai see all 54 comments

Valve joins the Linux Foundation

By Andrew Yoon, Dec 04, 2013 12:45pm PST

Valve has joined The Linux Foundation, a nonprofit organization "dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux."


"Valve now joins the ranks of companies like IBM, Intel, AMD, and Google, in their efforts to ..."

- boarder2 see all 14 comments

Total War: Rome II invading Linux and living rooms

By Alice O'Connor, Nov 08, 2013 6:30am PST

Total War is one of the PC series which seemed destined to stay on PC with mice and keyboards, too big and complex to make work well on controllers. Not any longer. Developer The Creative Assembly has been won over by Valve's Steam Controller, enough to bring Total War: Rome...


"Creative Assembly is teetering upon the edge of never having a decade-long dedicated consumer ..."

- Zolneirz see all 2 comments

Valve confirms: no exclusive games for SteamOS

By Andrew Yoon, Nov 04, 2013 10:45am PST

Valve's Greg Comer confirmed: "you won't see an exclusive killer app for SteamOS from us. We're not going to be doing that kind of thing."


"valve, the company that actually follows, "don't be evil" until they give our gaming ..."

- quorm see all 25 comments