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Dungeon Defenders Eternia Shards Part IV trailer

The Eternia Shards Part IV DLC for Dungeon Defenders launches with this trailer.

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Dungeon Defenders President's Day Battle Royale trailer

Republicans and Democrats face off in the President's Day Battle Royale Challenge Mission pack for Dungeon Defenders.

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Dungeon Defenders 'Launch' Trailer

Trendy Entertainment launches the tower defense action roleplaying Dungeon Defenders, where players command wizards and warriors to defend from the monstrous hordes wrecking destruction throughout the lands.

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Dungeon Defenders 'Game modes developer diary' Trailer

Dungeon Defenders features several different game modes at launch including deatchmatch, survival, and other challenge modes.

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Dungeon Defenders 'Build phase developer diary' Trailer

Plan the placement of your defenses in the build phase of Dungeon Defenders, as discussed in this second developer diary.

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Dungeon Defenders 'Overview developer diary' Trailer

Learn more about the gameplay and assortment of quests players will come across in the upcoming tower defense action roleplaying hybrid Dungeon Defenders.

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Supremacy MMA 'Shane Del Rosario and The Glass Slipper' Trailer

Step into the ring and go a few rounds with Shane Del Rosario at the swanky Glass Slipper in Supremacy MMA.

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Dungeon Defenders 'Squire' Trailer

Take control of young wizards and warriors to fight against the invading monster hordes in Dungeon Defenders.