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MechWarrior Online to officially launch September 17

MechWarrior Online to officially launch September 17

Piranha Games announced the official release date for MechWarrior Online today. After a lengthy beta test, it will launch version 1.0 on September 17. This came alongside a few new mechs joining the fray in the currently running beta.

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"I consider myself a very finicky player. MWO has not only held my interest throughout the beta ..."
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MechWarrior Online to launch in 'late summer'

MechWarrior Online to launch in 'late summer'

Developer Piranha Games has been releasing regular updates for MechWarrior Online since the game went into open beta in late October. But now, Shacknews has learned of three new features that will be rolling out leading up to the game's official release late this summer.

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"Again, the revelation that you were a sailor, was not revelatory."
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MechWarrior Online Clans teaser trailer

Beware, Inner Sphere. The Clan invasion approaches as Piranha Games announces pre-order availability for brand new Mechwarrior Online packages.

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