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Bungie vets Moonshot announce Fallen Frontier

By Steve Watts, Mar 08, 2011 10:15am PST

Moonshot Games, a studio composed of Bungie vets, has shown off a trailer for its first game: a 2D side-scrolling shooter...


"Interesting maths there. 4.07×10^16m in 7.89x10^8 seconds is 51.6*10^7m/s, so that's ..."

- Alexrose see all 16 comments

Halo Vets Form Moonshot Games

By Alice O'Connor, Oct 09, 2009 7:04am PDT

Three Bungie alumni have launched Moonshot Games, a new developer "dedicated to exploring the uncharted spaces of high-quality downloadable games,"...


"Hmm... "Moonshot" is the name of a movie/tv production house... not sure if there'll be any ..."

- JReZIN see all 15 comments
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