Warframe Beasts of the Sanctuary Update Adds New Mode and Armor

By Blake Morse , Apr 18, 2018 1:12pm PDT

Tennos will get a chance to experience a new survival mode and earn a new Warframe later this year. 


Neverwinter rolls onto PlayStation 4 on July 19

By John Keefer, Jul 01, 2016 11:30am PDT

Head Start pack will let you get into the game a week early.


"Oh wow nice! I spent a ton of time playing this on the xbox during a period of unemployment. ..."

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More World of Warcraft expansions in the works

By John Keefer, Mar 26, 2012 5:45am PDT

Blizzard's newest expansion isn't even released yet, but the company has unofficially revealed that two more expansions are already planned.


"WARLOCKS CAN TANK!?!?! WAAAAAAY COOL! I know there was like two or three fights in BC where you ..."

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EVE Online Fanfest 2012 kicks off today

By John Keefer, Mar 22, 2012 2:00pm PDT

Three days of EVE Online events and gaming information kicks off today at the top of the world in Iceland, with live streaming of the event available in case you aren't on GMT.


" but wait...can't I drink right here in my home city? Why, yes I can!"

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WoW on iPhone? Blizzard still studying possibility

By John Keefer, Mar 19, 2012 11:00am PDT

With the success of the World of Warcraft's mobile armory, you would think Blizzard would look at making the game for mobile. But the process has its challenges.


"Maybe not WoW in the conventional sense, but that infernal "pet battle" thing they're working on ..."

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World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria preview

By Jeff Mattas, Mar 19, 2012 12:45am PDT

We get an in-depth peek at the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Mists of Pandaria, and talk with some of its lead developers about the new continent, races, and new Monk character class, as well as some new systems like Pet Battles, and Challenges.


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Report: Elder Scrolls MMO announcement coming in May

By John Keefer, Mar 16, 2012 6:45am PDT

There has been lots of speculation about an Elder Scrolls MMO for some time. But a new report has surfaced citing three different unnamed sources that confirms the project will be announced in May.


"I scrolled down, intending to post "As long as it's 1st person this'll be awesome". I then saw ..."

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Recruit players back to WoW and get a special mount

By John Keefer, Mar 07, 2012 5:00pm PST

In an effort to revive is slowly dwindling numbers, Blizzard is offering players a new reward to bring former players back to World of Warcraft and...


"After about 2 yrs off from WoW I recently started again when my missus wanted to give it a go. ..."

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WoW dev analyzes Cataclysm's dungeons and raids

By John Keefer, Mar 06, 2012 3:15pm PST

As part of an ongoing postmortem series, Blizzard's Nethaera interviews World of Warcraft's Lead Encounter Designer Scott "Daelo" Mercer about Cataclysm's dungeons and raids for the World of Warcraft blog on Battle.net.


"I solved all the wow problems I was frustrated with by unsubscribing as well."

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Star Wars: The Old Republic Rise of the Rakghouls update arrives

By Garnett Lee, Jan 18, 2012 10:15am PST

SWTOR's first update, Rise of the Rakghouls, arrives and the game's director promises more soon as well as changes to the game world that affect everyone.