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How Luminous Studio is preparing Square Enix for the next-gen

By Andrew Yoon, Jan 03, 2013 12:15pm PST

Luminous Studio surprised many when it made its debut at E3 last year. Developed by Square Enix Japan, the presentation gave us a glimpse at what a next-gen Final Fantasy game could possibly look like. We chatted with Mike Fischer, president and CEO of Square Enix, about the...


Editorial: Bringing the magic back to Final Fantasy

By Steve Watts, Aug 07, 2012 2:15pm PDT

The next-gen Final Fantasy teaser from E3 got people talking, but it could hint at a much bigger (and much needed) series shift than just prettier visuals.


"Hmm... I hadn't thought about it that way... it's a good point and makes a lot of sense. The ..."

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This is what a next-gen Final Fantasy could look like

By Andrew Yoon, Jun 05, 2012 8:45pm PDT

What would a next generation Final Fantasy look like? Imagine, if you will, a pre-rendered cutscene from Final Fantasy XIII, but running in real time.


"Don't confuse "graphics engine" with "art direction" - most engines can all do the same stuff at ..."

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