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Jagged Alliance 2 remake due in October

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 08, 2011 4:25pm PDT

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, the 3D remake of vintage mercenary tactical RPG Jagged Alliance 2, has received a release date and a new round of screenshots at E3.


"Wrong. I'm a huge JA2 fan and I like isometric turn based games in general. However, not only ..."

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Jagged Alliance 2: Reloaded Announced for 2011

By Jeff Mattas, Aug 19, 2010 6:00pm PDT

Hot on the heels of the announcement of Jagged Alliance Online, German publisher bitComposer Games has lifted the curtain on an updated version of...


"Yeah I remember seeing these tech demos about a year ago. Looks very good. It annoys me ..."

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