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Black Rock Shooter The Game coming to PSP on April 23

By Steve Watts, Apr 05, 2013 3:15pm PDT

Black Rock Shooter: The Game is coming to North America on April 23, NIS has announced. It will be a PSP release through the PlayStation Network.


"Well, download it, sure. Then I can watch it with ease on my tablet / phone / tv / etc. "

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Tokitowa is Namco Bandai's new 'HD animation RPG'

By Andrew Yoon, Jan 25, 2012 6:00am PST

Namco Bandai has announced a new RPG for Japan called Tokitowa, described as the first "HD animation RPG."


"All the original Resident Evil games were 2d backgrounds with 3d objects/characters overlayed. ..."

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Black Rock Shooter getting Western PSP release

By Andrew Yoon, Aug 25, 2011 2:15pm PDT

NIS America is publishing Black Rock Shooter: The Game for PSP in North America and Europe.


"I know nothing about Black Rock Shooter. Heard nothing but good things about the anime, may as ..."

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