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E3 2018: EA Sports Talks NBA Live 19 Custom Characters and Enhancements

By Kevin Tucker, Jun 12, 2018 2:45pm PDT

The Shacknews crew meets up with EA Sports to talk about the latest tweaks and changes introduced in NBA Live 19.


FIFA 18 Adds 'World Cup' Content for Free in May

By Ozzie Mejia, Apr 30, 2018 12:55pm PDT

Those looking to get a taste of the World Cup in the latest edition of FIFA won't have much longer to wait.


"That's cool. They used to whole new games specifically for the World Cup."

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EA PLAY Press Conference Will Air on June 9

By Asif Khan, Apr 10, 2018 9:45am PDT

EA PLAY returns to Hollywood on June 9 with a bunch of announcements and demos to follow.


Patriots Outlast Eagles in Madden NFL Super Bowl LII Prediction

By Ozzie Mejia, Jan 29, 2018 10:30am PST

Madden is calling for a New England victory, although a second video game prognosticator is calling for a Philadelphia win.


UFC 3: Exclusive Career Mode Interview

By Chris Jarrard, Jan 25, 2018 4:10pm PST

UFC 3 Creative Director Brian Hayes sits down with Shacknews to discuss the upcoming MMA brawler.


UFC 3 Preview: Hands-On With Career Mode

By Blake Morse , Jan 09, 2018 9:30am PST

The next installment in the UFC series hopes to take players and their in-game fighters from the bottom all the way to the top to become the greatest of all time. Queue the training montage! 


Shacknews Best Sports Game of 2017: Mutant Football League

By Asif Khan, Dec 31, 2017 11:00am PST

Against all odds, Mutant Football League wins the award for Shacknews Best Sports Game of 2017.


"Should have been disqualified over the steamland cleavers incident."

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EA Sports Kicks Off New Season In FIFA Mobile

By Kevin Tucker, Nov 15, 2017 12:30pm PST

The latest update to FIFA Mobile brings a new campaign, new skills, free items, and more.


NBA Live 18 Announces James Harden as Cover Athlete

By Asif Khan, Aug 10, 2017 9:05am PDT

Chef Harden is cooking up something special for NBA Live 18 this fall.


NHL 18: Threes Exclusive Gameplay - 40 Minute Mascot Game

By Asif Khan, Aug 04, 2017 4:45pm PDT

NHL 18 has a brand new three-on-three mode. Check out this ridiculous video of two mascot teams in a game that lasted 40 minutes.


WNBA To Make Videogame Debut in NBA Live 18

By Chris Jarrard, Aug 03, 2017 12:15pm PDT

The WNBA and its stars will appear this holiday season in NBA Live 2018.


"I really wish they didn't have an exclusive deal for this. I'd love to see it in 2K :("

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Madden NFL 18 Has Tom Brady on the Cover

By John Keefer, May 12, 2017 8:00am PDT

It's obviously a tribute to Deflategate.


"As much as I love Brady tears and despise the Pats, wouldn't want to wish injury on anyone. I'd ..."

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Patriots Win Super Bowl LI in Madden NFL 17 Prediction

By Steve Watts, Feb 01, 2017 8:30am PST

If EA is right, quarterback Tom Brady will set another record this weekend.


"the Falcons lost a 3rd round pick for piping in fake crowd noise recently is what I was referring to"

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EA SPORTS FIFA is coming to Nintendo Switch

By Jason Faulkner, Jan 13, 2017 1:35pm PST

Soccer fans get good news with the announcement of FIFA coming to Switch.


"maybe hd rumble will simulate the power of the kicks. I dont know"

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Madden NFL 17 glitch alerts defenses if run or pass is coming

By John Keefer, Aug 31, 2016 11:41am PDT

It's like the Patriots and spygate ... in the game.