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Rage 2 Revealed by Bethesda with Official Teaser Trailer

By Charles Singletary, May 14, 2018 7:25am PDT

The gameplay reveal goes down tomorrow, May 15.


"I'd be more disappointed in this but it has Andrew W.K. in the trailer so that quell's the flame ..."

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Coins 2 Continue Episode 36 | Who Run It?

By Charles Singletary, May 11, 2018 3:10pm PDT

We've switched to a more traditional numbering system, but we kept all the sass.


No Hardware At PlayStation E3 Conference, Focus On Death Stranding & Three Other Exclusives

By Charles Singletary, May 11, 2018 7:50am PDT

Third-party partnerships and indie games will get some shine on stage as well.


"They’re gonna announce it right after I finally buy a PS4 So probably around the same time ..."

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Walmart Canada Possibly Leaks Games To Be Shown At E3

By Charles Singletary, May 10, 2018 8:35am PDT

[Spoiler Alert] If you don't want to have the surprises ruined, look no further.


PC Gaming Show Confirmed For E3, Theme And Sponsors Revealed

By Charles Singletary, May 09, 2018 11:30am PDT

'See The Future of PC Gaming' will be the theme at E3 and some notable sponsors will making their presence known.


"I love this shitty show. Maybe they will have a set better than the average Youtuber this time."

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The Cartridge Family 035 - Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze, E3 Approaches, Working in the Games Press

By Joe Stasio, May 05, 2018 3:00am PDT

Pre-3 (see what I did there?) downtime means it's time to reflect on our careers!


Nintendo Details E3 2018 Plans and Confirms Time and Date of Video Presentation

By Asif Khan, Apr 26, 2018 7:00pm PDT

E3 is less than two months away, and Nintendo is letting everyone know when they can take a look at their 2018 Switch lineup of games.


E3 Gamer Pass Goes On Sale at 12 PM ET, First 1,000 Receive $100 Discount

By Charles Singletary, Feb 12, 2018 7:55am PST

E3 is open to the public again this year and you can get your golden ticket for a solid price if you act fast.


E3 2017: God of War's Cory Barlog on How Creative Conflict Shaped Kratos' New Adventure

By David Craddock, Jun 20, 2017 10:00am PDT

God of War’s director opens up on why he left Sony, what brought him back, and how he and Kratos grew up along the way.


"Great article. Thank you. Really looking forward to this game. "

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E3 2017: Call of Duty WW2 Hands-on Impressions: A Mix of Retro Feel with New Modes

By Donovan Erskine, Jun 19, 2017 8:10am PDT

Hands-on time with Sledgehammer's next installment of the FPS franchise shows a return to form is a very good thing.


E3 2017: Shack@E3 Day 3 Wrapup Show

By Shack Staff, Jun 16, 2017 2:00pm PDT

The show is over, but not before we sneak in one more video of the team wrapping up E3 with their impressions of the final day.


E3 2017: A Plague Tale: Innocence Interview With David Dedeine

By Shack Staff, Jun 16, 2017 1:50pm PDT

Focus Home Interactive introduced a new tale of looking after orphans during the Plague in France.


E3 2017: ASTRO Gaming A10 Headset Interview

By Shack Staff, Jun 16, 2017 12:50pm PDT

We spoke with ASTRO Gaming about its new A10 headsets for consoles at our E3 2017 booth this year!


E3 2017: Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 Gameplay Interview With Arthur Parsons

By Shack Staff, Jun 16, 2017 12:40pm PDT

Kang the Conqueror ties the time-traveling locations together in this sequel for the Marvel team.


E3 2017: Ooblets, Knights and Bikes, & Gang Beasts Gameplay Interview with Double Fine

By Shack Staff, Jun 16, 2017 12:20pm PDT

Double Fine showed off three titles from its "Presents" label during its interview. Find out all about them.