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DirectX 12 targeting Holiday 2015, preview release coming this year [Update]

By Andrew Yoon, Mar 20, 2014 10:15am PDT

The key feature of DirectX 12 is Direct3D 12, which Microsoft's Anuj Gosalia jokingly described as "more Direct than ever." As expected, it will run across "all Microsoft platforms," including "the lowest of smartphones, to game consoles, to the highest-end graphics cards."


"I bet it's because they haven't figured out how to apply a thick layer of PR sugar coating on ..."

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DirectX 12 announced, targeting PC, mobile, and console

By Andrew Yoon, Mar 06, 2014 9:30am PST

DirectX 12 is coming, but more details are due at Game Developer's Conference this month.


"If it is, I'll probably just skip Win 8.1 (since I should probably do a clean install and I'm in ..."

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