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Gears of Wars team re-brand themselves to The Coalition

By Tad Huempfner, Jun 03, 2015 3:15pm PDT

Black Tusk Studios is no more, but will continue working on the Gears of War franchise as The Coalition.


Fate of new Gears of War dev's original game 'not yet determined'

By Steve Watts, Jan 28, 2014 3:00pm PST

Black Tusk Studios is now taking the lead on the Gears of War series, and Microsoft admits that means that the future of the original game it was working on has not yet been determined.


"Fergusson keeps changing jobs like people change shirts. That must be one interesting CV."

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Gears of War acquired by Microsoft, Gears vet joins Black Tusk to develop for Xbox One

By Steve Watts, Jan 27, 2014 7:45am PST

Microsoft Studios announced today that it has bought the rights to Gears of War from Epic, and recruited Gears alum Rod Fergusson to head up Black Tusk which will be taking on the first new effort.


"I wouldn't mind a Gears of War MP only experience. I agree with most of the sentiment on here ..."

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Black Tusk Studios working on four Microsoft IPs

By Steve Watts, Feb 04, 2013 9:00am PST

Microsoft's Black Tusk studio is working on four unannounced IP, according to the resume of a senior product manager.


"I love how people so easily forget that Gears of War 1 is not a 360 Exclusive. It's a Microsoft ..."

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Microsoft opens Black Tusk Studios for Halo-scale franchise

By Alice O'Connor, Nov 29, 2012 12:30pm PST

Microsoft has opened a shiny new studio in the Canadian city of Vancouver (or Washington D.C. as it's known in The X-Files) to work on its "next big entertainment franchise." What that'll be, well, that's a mystery for now, but Black Tusk Studios has declared its existence t...


"Black Tusk is rock formation in the mountains between Vancouver and Whistler. Not sure about the ..."

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