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F.E.A.R. Online announcement trailer

The supernatural first person shooter F.E.A.R. brings its creepy atmosphere to the online free to play world.

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Battlefield Heroes Robots II trailer

Another round of super-powered automatons charged with futuristic weapons make an entry to Battlefield Heroes.

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Battlefield Play4Free Myanmar map trailer

Welcome to the jungle, soldier. Battlefield Play4Free gets the new Myanmar map set in the Persian Gulf.

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Battlefield Heroes Lunar Landing trailer

Battlefield Heroes travels to the moon with a new map, Lunar Landing, with fitting spacesuits for the journey.

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Battlefield Heroes robotics trailer

Robots invade the world of Battlefield Heroes with new weapons and features, including the ability to spawn tanks at will!

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Battlefield Play4Free Masturr trailer

Coming to Battlefield Play4Free from the glorious Battlefield 2 is Mashturr City, serving as a primary Middle Eastern axis of advance.

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Battlefield Heroes mad scientists trailer

The Battlefield Heroes universe gets two new outfits, the Inventor and the Dr. Doktor, to spice up the firefight.

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Battlefield Heroes 'Vehicle mayhem' Trailer

Enjoy new weapons, outfits, and weapons to wage factional warfare for control of resources and territory in Battlefield Heroes.

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Battlefield Play4Free 'Weapon customization' Trailer

Customize assault rifles with holographic sights, precision barrels, and unique paint schemes in Battlefield Play4Free.

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Battlefield Heroes 'Halloween treats' Trailer

Battlefield Heroes introduces the Royal Rumble infantry-only map, spookily themed for Halloween and the Trick or Treats promotion.

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Battlefield Heroes 'Spot the dino contest' Trailer

Do your best to find another player wearing the Dino in-game vanity helmet, post a screenshot of said player to the game forums with a caption, and you will be entered to win the very same helmet in a daily raffle!

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Realm of the Titans 'Closed beta' Trailer

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The Defense of the Ancients inspired Realm of the Titans by Aeria Games enters its closed beta trial, coming one step closer to official launch.