Overwatch Anniversary Event Coming Next Week

It has been almost a year since Blizzard launched Overwatch, and now, with more than 30 million players vying for that Play of the Game and $1 billion in sales, the company has confirmed an anniversary event, a free weekend and a Game of the Year Edition.

The anniversary event will kick off on May 23 and run through June 12. Blizzard hasn't detailed yet exactly what will be available, aside from a tease of three new arena maps, but they will likely keep teasing info until the release notes are available. 

During that time, it will also host a free weekend for players on May 26-29. The free weekend will give players access to all 24 heroes, and all the maps, as well as Quick Play, Custom Games and Weekly Brawl game modes. Leveling up and Loot boxes will also be available. As with any free weekend, what you earn you will keep if you decide to buy the full version of the game. 

As for the Game of the Year Edition, which will be available digitally on May 23 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, players will get:

  • 10 Overwatch Loot Boxes
  • Overwatch Hero Skins
  • Tracer for Heroes of the Storm
  • Baby Winston pet for World of Warcraft
  • Mercy's Wings for Diablo 3
  • In-game portraits for StarCraft 2
  • New card back for Hearthstone

No price has been released yet.

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