Strafe Release Delayed, Now Shooting for Bloody May

Let's put it bluntly: Strafe is bloody. Incredibly bloody. It is bloody hell. The old-school FPS tribute to shooters circa 1996 has gotten lots of attention from fans who loved Doom, Quake, Unreal and their ilk. Those fans will have to wait a bit longer to start gibbing the opposition. The game has been delayed until May 9.

Strafe has impressed our team at Shacknews, which of course was founded on this type of shooter. Add in Oculus Rift VR support, and this game is high on our wish list. It was originally supposed to come out on March 28, but indie dev Pixel Titans and publisher Devolver Digital felt the game needed more time because of an "unforeseen polygon shortage."

"Strafe requires over 150,000 meticulously placed polygons to create its bleeding-edge graphics," game director Thom Glunt said, referencing the distinctly mid-90s look of the game. "Through an unexpected legal entanglement and a series of clerical errors, nearly 25,000 of those polygons arrived late to Pixel Titans world headquarters, thus delaying the game by a few weeks."

Of course, that didn't keep them from using extra red-coloring and gibs in a video to tout the new release date.

While Strafe is definitely homage, it also promises to also add "procedural elements" to its "bleeding edge technology" that will add to the game's replayability. When it does finally hit, the game will be available on PC and PS4.


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