Xbox One's Holiday Update begins rolling out today

Microsoft has started rolling out its long-awaited Xbox Holiday Update on both the Xbox One and the Xbox app on Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices.

The Xbox Holiday Update features a number of social improvements to the Xbox Live platform, including Clubs, Looking for Group, Group Messaging, and a Gamerscore Leaderboard. Xbox users can also use Achievement Rarity to learn how unique an Achievement they earn is among other players and support for emojis on the Xbox One virtual keyboard.

Clubs will allow players to meet others around a certain community who enjoy the same things they do, such as Shacknews’ Club. Players will be able to join or create a Club and can set up parties, play games, share content, and communicate using either voice or text chat with others in the Club.

For those who need the help of others in order to progress through a game, the Looking for Group feature can help you find what you need. The LFG feature can help players complete daily quests, Achievements, or attempt to survive waves of enemies in your co-op game of choice.

A full rundown of the features included in the Xbox Holiday Update can be seen below:

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