DOOM soundtrack released for iOS and Android

Doom 2016 really brought the nostalgia back for many old-school Doom fans. Now you can get the soundtrack from the game for iOS and Android.

All 31 tracks from composer Mick Gordon are there, with each track going for 99 cents, or the whole "album" for $9.99 on iTunes.  For Android, the individual tracks are the same price, but the package deal is 50 cents cheaper at $9.49 on Google Play.

For old-school players, the music was a huge part of the moster killing, building both anxiety and anticipation as you tore through hordes of demons. E1M1 became the sound for Doom. Gordon used the original music as a basis for the music he created for the new Doom. He has also done music for other titles such as Wolfenstein, Mirror's Edge, Killer Instinct and Need for Speed, and the upcoming Prey.

Check out the interview he did about melding the old music into the new game.

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