Google secretly deletes inactive YouTube accounts

If you’re a YouTube content creator, like we are, then you may have noticed your subscribers has dropped substantially. Don’t worry - you did nothing wrong. Unfortunately for content creators, Google has decided to remove inactive YouTube accounts from its database today.

The YouTube inactive account purge occurred at 1am PT this morning, and Shacknews’ YouTube channel was hit particularly hard as we lost over 1,000 subscribers as a result. As a result of today’s purge, an average of 1% to 2% of subscriptions have been lost by content creators. YouTube itself lost 40,000 subscribers, while PewDiePie lost 613.000 subscribers.

YouTube has yet to make it public knowledge that it deleted inactive accounts today, but if you look on Twitter, many users are sharing information as to how many subscribers they lost in today’s purge. That's not all as a number of stat-tracking websites have been crashing for the majority of the day due to the purge.

If you’re a YouTube content creator that was hit with today’s purge, feel free to share your experience in the Chatty. Hopefully Google will reverse its decision to remove inactive accounts, or at least reconsider what kind of account is inactive.

Also - if you have yet to subscriber to our YouTube channel, now would be a fantastic time.

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