AMD Unveils Radeon RX 480, A VR-Ready GPU Priced At $199

During AMD's Computex 2016 keynote, the company made several striking announcements, namely the fact that its newest Polaris architecture-based card, the Radeon RX 480, is releasing this June.

The RX 480 is touted as being VR-ready and will retail for $199, delivering desktop-class virtual reality experiences for a fraction of what it will cost ot purchase the necessary equipment. In a market where graphics cards routinely cost hundreds, this appears to be AMD's bid to jumpstart the market for VR with a card that's absolutely capable of the power needed to ensure setups like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift require.

The official specs as provided by AMD are as follows:

CUs: 36
Memory Bandwidth: 256 GB/s
Data Rate (Effective): 8 Gbps
Memory Size: 4/8 GB GDDR5
Memory Bit-rate: 256-bit
Power: 150 W
VR Premium: Yes
AMD FreeSync™: Yes
Display Port: 1.3/1.4 HDR

As the June 29 release date wears ever closer, it's expected AMD will eke out additional information about the card itself, but it's good news for PC gaming enthusiasts and anyone looking to enter the VR sphere without the deep pockets it previously required. 

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