Dead Island Definitive Collection Shambles By With Its Latest Trailer

Deep Silver's keeping the hype train a-rollin' when it comes to the Dead Island Definitive Collection, having released a brand new trailer showing off some of the various kills you can expect to see within the zombie-massacring simulator. There's also a whole bunch of silliness to be found within, including a swath of facts in true Deep Silver PR fashion.

It's a fun little trailer that gets you into the spirit of the original games as you're educated on the fact that "zombies don't need sunscreen" and this game "smashed countless records." The original Dead Island was super buggy too, so I hope by now all those bugs have been smashed. Personally, I'm more of a Dying Light fan myself, but I'd like to revisit these two games years later to see how they've changed.

This $40 collection features both Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide as well as a Dead Island: Retro Revenge, and it's headed out for a physical and digital release May 31 for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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