Mass Effect: Andromeda's Narrative Could Revolve Around Colonialism

We're steadily creeping toward more information surrounding Mass Effect: Andromeda, but as of yet there's still very little to go on as far as what we can expect from the narrative, themes or characters. But thanks to a special survey EA has been sending out to users, we might know a little bit more for right now.

Screenshots of said survey from EA have made their way out to NeoGAF, and it sounds as though the questions are making some pretty big connections to what we can expect from the synopsis of the game. The survey mentions that the setting is related to the human race finding a new place to live in the galaxy, but are being opposed by another race. The survey also describes Mass Effect: Andromeda has having a "planet-dense, seamless open-world" (possibly No Man's Sky-esque?). In addition, your character will lead a group of explorers with "deep" progression and customization systems.

Check out the survey images below, as these will more than likely end up being related to Mass Effect: Andromeda when it releases, if previous survey information is any indication.

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